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Dalhousie – brake pad free zone

April 7, 2012 2 comments

Another hilltop retreat on the map of places to see– but there is nothing here! The most exciting thing about Dalhousie (pronounced Dalhodgie) is that our brakes failed on the way – in the Himalaya’s that is a bad thing.

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Chittorgarh – immolation central

March 18, 2012 4 comments

The fort of Chittorgarh is of gargantuan proportions, matched only by the scale of the misery that it has been witness to. In the 13th and 16th centuries, tens of thousands of women and children threw themselves onto burning pyres to avoid being taken hostage by invading forces, whilst the men rode out to be slaughtered in battle.

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Cuc Phong National Park

February 25, 2012 4 comments

After the previous day, only gluttons for punishment would don a backpack and head up to the Cuc Phong National Park. The next day we headed up to the Cuc Phong National Park, backpack in tow.

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