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Salta the Gorgeous

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Following the overnight bus, the few days in Salta are a bit of down time before we head north to the Bolivian border and high altitude deserts. As a place, Salta is by far the most beautiful and relaxed so far. As a consequence, it is also the most touristy, occupying an important trade crossroads between Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. The area is one of the most traditional and indigenous in Argentina, and for the most part, it feels one of the safest areas that we have been to.
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Fortessa and the flaming Olive Tree

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

As one of our last trips out in Crete, we headed to the historic town of Rethymnon. Full of charming Venetian and Turkish buildings, the town is dominated by the massive fortress. As well as a cathedral, and a church, the fortress has a mosque too.

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Lappin it up in Lappa

September 18, 2011 1 comment

For a full day, we headed for the hills to the Roman town of Lappa. A tourist honey pot with some down to earth genuine sides to it too. The “tourist train” was a bit too much for us, but the suave dutch guide that turned up unexpectedly by the mosaics seemed to keep the ladies interested.
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Cooking Up

August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

As our time in the Bohemian Paradise was drawing to a close, we undertook a few of the traditional classic places that we went to as kids. The nearest at Kopicuv Statek is famous for it’s rock carvings. Pan Kopic lived in the local farmstead and during his 40 years there carved beautiful sculptures into the soft sandstone.


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