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Bus to the top of the world

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The bus from Mendoza to Santiago is a must. It only needs to be done once, but it is pretty special.

The day started badly, because as well as the banging headache and parched throat, the Mendoza bus station had a wildcat strike and all busses were empounded. As I went around the bus kiosks, they told me that the Santiago bus was going to travel, but we needed to go and wait on a square in town, and that the bus would arrive there well away from the blockades and the protestors.

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Tucuman – Spanish for pants

October 24, 2011 1 comment

Tucuman really is pants. The only saving grace is the half interesting museum of sugar, sort of showing the kids how sugar is made from sugar cane. Apart from that, it was edgy and uncomfortable.

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Back in BA a few days

October 8, 2011 Leave a comment

With Rosario being booked up for the holiday weekend, we spend a few extra days in BA. In truth, it is a good opportunity to slow down a bit. This time we chose Palermo to stay in, a kind of trendy yet residential area. Our place was all painted in bright violet, and probably the nicest place we have stayed so far.
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Notes from BA

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

We decided to brave it in a youth hostel this time, a pretty funky sort of place in a pretty dodgy part of town – San Telmo. This used to be the posh part, but Yellow Fever moved all the rich people up to Recoletta.  The advice from the lovely girls on reception when going out at night was, “keep hold of the children’s hands, it is better that they are alive than free – Great! One advantage was that it had the best old architecture around worth dying for.

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Crossing the Equator – Buenos Aires

September 28, 2011 4 comments

After surviving a thirteen and a half hour flight with 3 young children to what felt like the other side of the world, I don’t know what we were expecting – people with two heads maybe. So we were a bit “oh” that everything was pretty normal.

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Sobering up

July 6, 2011 Leave a comment

After a gathering of the village to celebrate the burning of Jan Hus, I was a little worse for wear and was sent out during the kid’s bath-bed routine to go and sober up. So I took the camera and walked to the next village where there is a weir that we sometimes swim under.

This time as the sun had just set I left the camera on a bit longer and got this interesting slow motion mix of old church and crumbling industrial communist factory.

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