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Jaisalmer – the Golden City

The first thing we noticed about Jaisalmer – it has great internet. Being near Pakistan and crawling with army bases and solders, communication is top priority and you can get high speed 3G even in the middle of the desert!





the hot road to Jaisalmer

the fort rises from the desert - the roads are also some of the best in India for fast army access

the tanks practicing for the not too distant neighbours

Second thing we noticed was the massive golden sandstone fort that rose out up over the town. Staying on the outskirts we had a great view, but it was not long before we were in an auto rickshaw being dropped off at the main gate for a walk up into the fort.

At this time of the year, it is hot, very hot, hovering around 38 or 39 degrees C. This means plenty of flies and an intense smell; in the tight rabbit warren of streets that make up this living fort, it proved to be pretty noxious. Pavement level was pretty grim, the open sewers stank, cows and excrement everywhere, but to look up and see the buildings – they were divine. The Indian version of heaven and hell. The Havelli’s or merchant houses are famous, but actually many of the buildings have the stunning veils of stonework, the super delicate lattice structures that shield the sun yet let though the natural breezes. The houses form the backdrop to the very picturesque knarled little back alleys made for a pretty spectacular walk around, until the flies and the smell and the heat took their toll and we escaped back down the hill for some air.

the lake just outside the city

the fabrics in the fort

amazingly detailed Havelli's

view of the fort from the top of the havelli

We also had a laugh at the news, apparently England is having a heatwave, temperatures reached 20 deg, even possibly 23 in London!!!!! Next day we were out on a camel safari for a couple of days, but when we returned to Jailsalmer, we explored the old town, and this was even more rewarding than the fort , the back streets and alleys alive with activity, all in the same golden yellow sandstone. The views from the Havellis in the old town offering the best views of the city with the fort as the backdrop, this town deserves more credit.

the narrow winding streets - looks cleaner than it is!

the markets in the old town


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