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Jaipur – the pink city

The pink city on the eastern edge of the desert has a wonderful walled palace at it’s heart, painted dusty pink and providing the city its nick name. We stayed near the station in a hotel that was a little oasis, a place with a garden, with real grass, and tables, and a tree and everything! (Everything apart from a cool refreshing beer)




driving into Jaipur you get a sense of what it used to be like

our garden oasis

Being on the road in India a week, we are getting more familiar with it, and after resting up for an afternoon, we were far more relaxed and ready to have a wander. Sukdeep (our driver) dropped us at the Palace Gates and after lining the Maharaja’s coffers with extortionate amounts of money we explored the palace. Aside from the delicate architecture, we also learnt that most of the Rajastani maharajas seem to have been impotent, and that most of them were adopted. Very odd.

pink and pretty

the courtyard with the Maharaja's residence - another fee!

Dummies Guide to snake charming: "remove venom, slap Cobra to wake it up, blow trumpet, collect fee." Simple.

Part of the complex (separate fee – guide recommended) is another Jantar Mantar (one of 5 in India). The observatory in Jaipur is well preserved and still in working order. All the instruments have a separate function, but they all do roughly the same thing, locate the sun and the celestial objects. They differ by how they then interpret the information. Some simply tell the time, others are calendars, but most effort is put into the horoscopes in a futile attempt the read the future. It is still popular today with astrologers giving people advice on when to have a baby, buy a camel, sell a house, travel etc. The most impressive timepiece is the large time measuring tower. This is incredible and can measure down to two second intervals. You can literally see the sun shadow moving across the markings.

The instrument for predicting the future of Aries. This one predicted sunburn.

The setting for Jaipur is lovely

This is happening all the time - getting quite wearing.


It is also getting more apparent that we are one of the very few travelling families in India. Whenever we stop for a rest we are mobbed for photographs. It is getting a bit much, but it is just one of those things I guess we will have to get used to.
On leaving the observatory, we sunk into the markets, and the markets are something else here, mile upon mile of covered arcades within the walls of the old city roughly divided into different areas selling different products. An axe street, a spade street, bangles street, gem street, saree street and many more. Apart from the touristy stuff on the edges, most of it is pretty authentic, and there are far more locals and farmers walking around with tin pots and bits of rope than tourists.

Saree shop just down on the left

sun bleached beauty: markets below, houses above.

We had our own shopping therapy in the bangle and textile shops, culminating in a camel bag to carry it all in. All good fun.
With a final push we headed past the Palace of Winds, the 5 storey facade used by the ladies of the palace to view the passers by, and still a very picturesque structure in amongst the mayhem of the streets.

Jaipur has a real mix of styles

Palace of the Winds


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  1. JL
    March 23, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Alanku, dable, domnival jsem se, ze budete uz pomalicku svoji velkou cestu koncit.., kdy letite domu?
    Jinak nechapu, jak zvladas udrzovat tyto svoje stranky na tak vysoke urovni a v temer aktualnim stavu. Take hezky zbytek cesty, Jozka a Helca

    • March 24, 2012 at 3:44 pm

      Zmenili jsme letenky abychom mohli zustat tady dele. Ted letime 10/4/2012. Indie je fantasticka, moc moc by se ti tady libilo!!
      Zitra jsem si pucili 4 velbloudi na dva dny a jedeme do pousti, (na poust???) budeme spat na siro a moc se tesime. Je tu vedro, pres den okoli 38-40 celsius, v noc daleko prijemnesi 25.
      Posledni 2 dni jsem si nasli rodinku uplne mimo cesti a spali jsme v boudach budovani ze kravci hovna. Rodinka byla “weavers” (nevim jak cesky) a byly perfektni. Byli jsem snima na “safari” a mame z toho moc pekne fotky, videli jsme i vzacne divoke “Neel Cow”, pul karava, pul kun.
      Omluv Cestinu, je pozde v noci a mel jsem prvni pivo po dlouhe dobe.
      Pusu vsem,


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