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Sentosa – presumably someone likes it

Sentosa offers the most outrageous manufactured leisure outside the USA. A trendy timber walkway takes you onto the island where you are then faced with the theme park hell of Disneyesque characters, fast food, neon signs, ticket kiosks and candy.





Keeping head down eyes forward, we dashed past Universal Studios, fast food outlets, offers of boat rides etc until our eyes caught a sign for a steamed dumpling shop, rated by the New York Times as one of the top 10 dining experiences in the world. A Michelin starred chef making steamed dumplings – got to be worth a go. And we can confirm – it was delicious.

Just a little retentive?

We came to Sentosa for the beach, and full of wonton we boarded the monorail to the other side of the island (we were advised it was a long walk, it turned out to be about 300m!) Here we got the “tram”, again it was advised it was a long way to the beach, again it was about 300m, in the end we just stayed on the tram for a full loop just to make it feel like it had been worthwhile. We found the tram thing quite funny, but I suspect that the driver must have been deranged from the announcement.

forecasting the weather in Singapore is pretty easy.

The beach was not quite as we had envisaged, a thunderstorm rolled in and the beach was immediately closed due to lightening risk. The signs then advised us all to take shelter in the specially constructed Faraday cages designed to look like pagoda’s whilst the storm passed. Bonkers H&S. Instead the kids had great fun playing out in the warm rain until it was time to take the gauntlet and run over the suspension bridge in the rain and grab the tram and monorail back home. 300m in Singaporean rain really is too far.


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  1. Bambula Indijana xxx and kiwi Pauli
    March 9, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    HI Everyone,

    seems like Vietnam is hard to beat….
    I still like Singapore though…One of the highlights for us was the night river cruise and botanical gardens…Try to just grab Laksa take away ( the best one I had was in Borneo, but Singaporean one is also ok) and board the wee wooden boats with chinese lanterns on them… I promise, that you will love it….the views are rather fairytailish….

    When are you going to be back in Europe?


    • March 10, 2012 at 2:45 am

      Don’t get me wrong, Sing was very nice. As we all know it is just a bit sterile.
      We are back in Europe on the 10th April, direct from Delhi. India is certainly proving “interesting!”.

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