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Hue you! – want a lady

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The first thing you notice in the city of Hue is the touts, offering everything from bike tours, to ladies to boat rides to marijuana. Our favourite offer was “sir, do you want to buy my poem?” I liked the novel approach so much, that I now have his one page masterpiece for the princely sum of 60p.




the train from Danang to Hue is stunning, first sea and then mountainous jungle.

The lovely Dragon boats, closely followed by: "hey, want boat, want boat!"

not everything here is old - this funky cafe opens soon.

Aside from the constant hassle of pushy sellers following you around shouting at you, Hue has some great aspects. The citadel for starters. This is the main draw here, and aside from the interesting collection of museums clustered around a playground of old American tanks (complete with drug addicts shooting up), helicopters and a bonsai garden centre(!?!), the citadel offers most of the tourist opportunities.

the tanks and guns are the closest thing to a playground

As with many things in Vietnam, much of the citadel was destroyed in war, this time in 1947 by the French. Another colonial power, another bout of terrorism, leaving only around 20 buildings intact from nearly 300 original temples, libraries, palaces and theatres. Luckily UNESCO is doing a fair job of repairing things, but it is not the same.

the entrance to the citadel - a city within a city of astronomical proportions

the telephone box contains dragons! & Elena high on culture!!!!

the mad old lady in the rice place was as a high as a kite on betel nuts. I tried them, really bitter, stained your mouth red, made it swell and go all numb - I thought drugs were meant to be fun.

Two other memorable things stood out from Hue, firstly the suicidal cyclo ride; the chair of death on the front of a bike, driven directly into the paths of oncoming cars. It was taken for the experience, and at rush hour sat that close to the action, it made for a few nervous laughs. The other more sedate activity was watching the embroidery girls beavering away in pairs on the most amazing silk designs. We had hoped to take some home, but it takes so long to complete that the prices are astronomical, upto £3000 for a large hanging – but they are incredible.

games boys play! This lot were collecting each others shoes they had thrown into the river

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