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Oh so pretty – Hoi An

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Hoi An is so pretty on the eye and easy on the tourist that it may not pose enough of a challenge for some. That said, with one of the highest densities of tailors anywhere in the world, shopping is a luxurious pleasure.




typical Hoi An - easy on the eye

out of the town it is rice, rice and more rice.

As a UNESCO Heritage site, plenty of protection is in place and a great many of the houses are stunning and original, although (as one grudging man owned up) most of the properties remain in government control. We did not know if it was co-incidence, but the houses in private ownership did seem to fly the Vietnamese flag quite prominently – probably just a coincidence.

Numerous old Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese fusion tube houses make up the street frontages interspersed with Chinese style community halls. The vast majority of places are now either restaurants, tailors or souvenir shops, that said, they are still very pretty. The tailors did prove irresistible, and we all ended up having something measured up and made to order, it felt quite decadent, but secretly quite special.

bike ride to the beach was a treat with the coconut climbers

eating fruit makes you health - apparently

The food here has also been a bit of a revelation, Lonely Planet thinks that Saigon is the culinary heavy hitter – I must disagree, Hoi An has provided us with the consistently best food we have had in Vietnam. It is all pretty similar, with spring rolls, noodles, rice dishes and a variety of “meat”, but the standard has been great. This in combination with the Dalat Red local wine has made for a pleasant, if slightly intoxicated, stay.

the place comes alive at night

We also won’t forget the street bingo, after an early evening cruise, we stumbled on a small square that was lined with people, with a strange couple singing whilst pulling fat chop sticks out of a bag. It took a few moments to compute, but they were playing a Chinese version of street bingo with these little wooden paddles. Good fun to watch and if you lost, you could always throw the paddles at each other.

cruising up the river in the evening

Happy Hour in Hoi an means buying 3 candles for the price of 2.

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  1. Bambula Indijana xxx and kiwi Pauli
    February 16, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    love the night candle selling photo, Alanku, very nice..well done…
    We are looking at calendar and realising that the time is ticking for our beloved 5 tourists..after visiting so many amazing places and meeting new friends, are you ever getting homesick? … safe travels

    J a P xx

    • February 17, 2012 at 2:41 am

      Not exactly homesick, but returning home is definately entering our thoughts more often. In some ways, the journey has served it’s purpose; we are all more relaxed, enjoy life for what it is, and have a whole bundle of memories to remember.
      All we need to try and do is keep our “happy life” going when we get back home amongst the daily stresses and pressures of work and commercialism.
      Thanks for all your lovely comments, it is really nice for us when we get a response from people liking the blog.
      Love to you both,


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