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Bangkok Returns – New sport: funeral pyre golf.

Before we could start our journey north, we needed to get back to the hub of Bangkokfor one night. Given it was getting late in the day and we were all still drained from two intense days around Kanchanaburi, we were not up for any major sight-seeing and instead headed to the open park of Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace.



our street waitress - peace!

Whilst there we watched  an interesting festival (people wandering around an orange pyramid structure covered with security guards whilst waving lotus flowers around) before heading off into the open area to take Kai’s collapsible golf club for a knock around. We later found out that we were playing on the hallowed turf of the funeral pyres of Thai kings! Given that disrespectful comments towards the King carry a 3-15 year jail term, we are hoping playing golf on his funeral ground does not count. The king is very much loved over here, I wish him the best – but given he is 84 it is inevitable that the funeral pyre may be used again before too long; now we can say “we played golf there!”

Whilst at the park we also got the usual request for some young girls to have their picture taken with Theo. Being 15 years too young for such a proposition he wasn’t having any of it, but Elena gladly obliged. Between them they now adorn many hundreds of photo albums – the people are obsessed with the colour of their skin and are desperate to take pictures of them.

The final fling in Bangkok was Chinatown:

an honest menu - sadly another day we ordered the pork but instead got the squit.

down town china town

A bustling, hectic street scene with the main road running through the centre, but all the intimate action is in the Soi’s (the little side streets). How we avoided food poisoning here I am not sure, but we emerged unscathed and well fed to get our Tuk Tuk back home.

the cooking is all part of the show

Elena loving the bustle of the market

some of the back streets are like out of a ninja movie - still feels pretty safe



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