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New Year in Nelson Bay: “Sydney, watch out”

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Originally we hoped to be in Sydney for the New Year – but given that accommodation costs the same as a small family car, an early decision was to bail out of the drama of Sydney and enjoy the more sedate fare of Nelson Bay.




Nelson Bay in rush hour

Luckily for us, they have an early firework display at 9pm for kids, saving us the bother of staying up until midnight – we never really were up for the actual midnight thing. Instead we celebrated the UK New Year at a much more reasonable time of 11am the next day with a nice cup of tea!

picnic on the beach - waiting for the action

blood thirsty parrot

Waiting for the fireworks on the beach was great, watching the sunset, then the yachts coming in and mooring up – a festive spirit in the air. I got attacked by a baby parrot – it even drew blood as it flew around aimlessly and landed claws first on my foot! But none of this detracted from a warm New Year on the beach with fireworks over the bay. Whilst Christmas is better in the cold (ideally snow), New Year is definitely better in the warm – if possible on a beach.

As we headed back to our jungle hostel, the stars and the milky way overhead, the koala’s were grunting over the sound of the cicada’s interrupted only by the mad Geordie and her Scottish husband singing Auld Lang Syne. All in all a bit bizarre but very memorable.

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