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STOP PRESS – Could the Australians be a rude nation?

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Apologies to those nice friendly Australians, of whom there are many with a great big G-DAY MATE, HOWZ IT GOIN,– but Australia rates as our least friendly place so far, and by some margin. We were really surprised because of their reputation. We have tried playing a new game of “shock the Aussie” by saying hello to them in public. They cough, splutter, squeak, and occasionally manage a g’day; very funny.



waves over the breakwater - timing was everything

watching the rollers come in

a few enjoyed the waves

We are currently in Coffs Harbour, a nice town with a nice reputation and not much else. The cyclone off the coast combined with a high tide is providing the highest waves of the year – they are pretty impressive, but it is not so much the height of the waves, but the volume of water that is scary. A few minutes in the surf in the protected harbour was enough to prove the open sea would be too dangerous – still the walk along the breakwater was a pretty exciting event with the waves crashing over the top. Good timing was essential to avoid a good soaking.

The following night we wandered up the windswept jetty to be rewarded by turtles coming up for air as they fished in the bay, amazing big slow creatures – it was a real treat to see them. Another trip out included the painfully pretty butterflies on the outskirts of Coffs.

In Coffs we have chosen to stay in a youth hostel, just a bit different to the experiences in South America . The clientele here definitely come in 2 camps: the genuinely interesting, personable, and friendly open types, and then you have the surly, affected, self-centred and bragging lot. On the plus side it was quite fun listening to classics like: “how much is Vodka in Germany?, what about Smirnoff – yeah – 200 bucks and we ripped up the 4WD……, the skydive/raft/surf/zorb/bungee/dive was wicked….etc…I had 12 beers in less than one and half hours…look, that’s a picture of me drinking snapps….how big is a pint? –  do the girls get really drunk too? – you don’t have bottle shops, cool man….i’ve chucked up in every hostel so far…how you cats doin’? ”

Jo and I are desperate to slag them off, so we have to speak to each other in Czech “Debil – mluvi hovno” –  that usually covered it. On the back of this, our kids have been banned from wasting a gap year by travelling from hostel to hostel in OZ – at least half the clientele are just too dim/rich/horny. They can slog through some other part of the world instead!

if you need these - you are in the wrong place - click to enlarge

(P.S. In the interests of fairness, the hostel we stayed in over New Year was lovely!)

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  1. January 6, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    you were bound to get a response from an aussie to those comments – perhaps all the friendly ones have emigrated to the UK??? Or was it something to do with sour grapes still from the poms winning the ashes??

    Hope its not just poms having a good whinge!!!! Hope you find a few friendly ones anyway!! Cheers

    • January 7, 2012 at 2:51 am

      I thought I may get a few comments!!!

      Maybe we just met the shy ones and those that were hungover? Anyway, most were really nice, I just don’t think they are used to people saying hello to them in public – bit like being in London I suppose.

      Have a great New Year.



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