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Wooli (pronounced Wool – Eye)

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Initially we were disappointed by Wooli; the ridiculous amount we had paid, combined with the “generous” photo’s on the web ( the owners are estate agents, what did we expect!), meant that we thought we were in some luxurious lodges for Christmas. Spider and ant infested cabins were more like the reality.




Wooli beach - not exactly busy.

woke up to a downpour on Christmas day - but the weather changes so quickly...

... that 5 minutes later we were in the pool

We did however get over this hurdle and ended up liking the place, and our neighbours were really friendly. Christmas Day was made more  memorable as we borrowed a canoe, packed up the mince pies and the wine and paddled up the creek. After landing in a remote part of the national park, we cleared the area of snakes and had our Christmas picnic in the middle of no-where. Bit different to normal, probably not something we will be doing again in a hurry.

braving the creek laden with pies

In Wooli we also caught up on some of the wildlife that we had not seen to date, the kangaroos on the sports field, the 2 foot lizard running through the camp, the emu on the fire road, and to top it all, the possum that joined us on the deck area! The place was a far cry from the bustle of Surfers Paradise, even if some of the residents had 2 heads.

our rare emu - (taken from the safety of the car window!)

Christmas dinner on the deck - possum butties were delicious.

We also had the privilege of seeing how traditional Ozzies live their Christmas – typically it follows the following format: wake up, beer, swim, beer, cricket, beer, sleep, beer, bbq, beer and more beer. Another neighbour was there with 3 young children, the two parents were there for 6 days and had 7 boxes of 24 stubbies! When do they find the time to drink it?

New Year is apparently quite different, I asked them what they did and the response was: “well we pretty much just drink beer”. WOW!

Theo loving the Christmas swim

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  1. Joe & Verna
    January 6, 2012 at 3:17 am

    You gotta love the Aussie culture

    • January 6, 2012 at 10:54 am

      Yes, It is hardly surprising that they are so laid back!!

  2. Bambula Indijana xxx and kiwi Pauli
    January 6, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    hey Bruce and Sheila,
    looks like you are having a fair cracker of a Xmas…
    Pauli arrived 2 days ago from Montenegro and we are now headed to the cottage for a weekend Spa treatments 🙂 beer before-in-and after the jacuzzi.
    Weather is amazingly mild here for this time of the year…
    Everyone says to say hi.

    Big hug

    J and P xxx

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