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Burleigh Heads – Surfers Paradise

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There is only one good reason to head towards Surfers Paradise – the rollers, and whilst conditions are a bit dumpy, we head out with Body Boards to get comfort able with the surf. Next morning it is D-day – surf lesson no.1.




the tower blocks are almost unreal

pro body boarders

As a place, Surfers Paradise is like nothing else, entirely reliant on the sea and millions of sun worshippers. It really packs people in and with town after town built around artificial lagoons, it is more like Dubai, and where there is a shortage of space, they go up – and up and up. Apart from the brash holiday atmosphere, there is little to keep the interest, but for us, that is fine.

So, surf lesson 1 is upon us and we don rash vests (not flattering), grab our boards and head out. Pat our instructor gives us a few tips on wave type, rip currents and safety before we paddle out. The first part of the surfing, i.e. getting out and surfing back laying on the board goes quite well, so we move onto standing. This is done on the beach, where again, progress is good, although it only takes 10 minutes before the “popping” is starting to really burn the triceps and the arms start getting pretty weak. (Popping is the action of getting from flat on the deck to standing via a press up, squat thrust, stand up operation all in one go!) So, slightly weakened and obviously too old and fat to “pop”, we head back out to catch some waves. As expected, this is harder said than done, Kai and I do manage a few half stand-ups (mainly kneeling), before Kai catches his first ride. It takes another hour before I get one, but we leave the beach satisfied but really worn out.  – Surfers are fit dudes!

life of a novice surfer - battle, then hope, then sink

it's not fair

Next day we hit it again, I am still weak and aching from the day before, and get a bit better, but Kai really manages to get the bit between the teeth and is cruising down the waves. I suspect that given my dislocated hip, broken back stretched pecs, torn shoulder and bruised ego, he may be surfing on his own from now on, I think I hit the sport about 25 years too late! (and that really annoys me!!!!!)

the waves picked up a bit - we were lucky because next day they shut the beaches for 4 days due to dangerous surf.


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