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Exploring the bush

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Whilst Mission Beach is pretty, unless you jump out of a plane, dive the reef or go white water rafting, your only option is to do very little. This is only fun for a limited amount of time, so it was not long before we hired a car, got up early and drove around some of the sights.




By 7.30am, we had driven an hour and a half to see the “boulders”. Being the first there, we had the place to ourselves, but Australian H&S meant that these rocks are pretty inaccessible with the whole area being behind railings. Swimming was also restricted to one area so we set off for a nice walk in the bush. Given the heat (by 8.00 it was already over 30 deg), we were actually quite glad that the marked circuit was only 650m – in marked contrast to NZ where most tracks are geared around hours or even days walking. Still, we managed our swim in the creek and headed off in the car to Joesphine falls, our next stop.

it's no blackpool illuminations, but the boulders were nice to see

Jo Falls, same format as Boulder Creek;  restricted swimming, short walk and searing heat (by this time it was 10am and 33 deg.) So we made the most and headed to the Sugar Cane museum for some air conditioned education. We soon found out that the sugar plantations were obviously pretty tough places to work, and the stories and lifestyle were pretty captivating especially as we see. It was also pretty widespread as we seem to spend most time on this bit of coast in either rainforest, sugar cane and banana plantations.

nervously swimming in the creek waiting for a pair of eyes to pop up through the water

more popular Josephine falls swim spot

After a brief pit stop for lunch, we head further south to Tully, passing the enormous sugar factory that is the hub of the world’s largest narrow gauge railway network used for transporting large cages of cane from the fields to the factory. Yep – that exciting.

Heading up Tully Gorge we try to find the mad white water rafters, instead we find a hydro-electric plant – no rafters – they have already been down. We are running out of time, so we drive down to Alligator Nest Creek for a swim in the lovely cool clear water, (this is where you wish you had eyes in the back of your head too), and head for home. A nice day out, but really a bit too hot, the day proved that there really was not much to do on this bit of coast apart from the adventure that you have to pay for.

sugar cane or banana's - that's pretty much it.


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