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Clump Point Arachnid Adventure

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

As part of our “explore Mission Beach without a car” campaign, we headed down the footpath aiming for the jetty on the far side of clump point. Being right next to the place we were staying, we were not expecting much drama – and we were not expecting to see the venomous spiders the size of your fist.




just horrible, especially when the cobwebs stick to your face - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The first I knew of it was from Jo, about 5 yards behind me calmly saying “Alan – stop and walk slowly backwards”. Well that was never going to work, so instead, I panicked, stumbling back without looking and went flying over a tree trunk. Composing myself, I looked up to where I had been walking and saw the most massive weaver spider only inches from where my head had been!

after my close encounter there was no way I was going near it.

60% of australian butterflies inhabit this area. CLICK TO ENLARGE

The walk turned out to be like walking through a butterfly and arachnid sanctuary, with only the spiders staying still enough to be able to photograph properly.

Later in the week, we were chatting to a local bus driver and it turns out the mangrove area we walked through had more inhabitants than a few little cuddly spiders, it is also home to a couple of 2m saltwater crocs. This place really does belong to the animal world.

butterflies on the beach (along with crabs, jellyfish and crocodiles!)

Our final brush with venom came just outside the door to our cabin – I was out with the camera and tripod getting ready to photograph the lunar eclipse when I noticed something jump near me, then another, then another….. suddenly there was the most incredible noise – they were cane toads! ( I think I put the pics on the previous blog) Standing on one of these, I was in bare feet, lands you in hospital, apparently they were attracted by the lights around the pool. The dangerous animals issue is never ending and not helped by us being such wimps; most of the time we are looking around for the next biting, stinging, slithering, crawling, hopping,  licking thing – even toilet seats are not safe, and the throne is normally sacred!

homework/blogging time - check out the genetic thumbs!

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  1. Cath Lester
    December 22, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Hello Alan,

    It’s nearly the last day at work before Christmas and I thought I’d kill time by looking at your blog. Much to my distress I have happened across a load of spiders. You are very brave to get so close to such horrible creatures! Looks like you are having a great time though.

    All well here – looking forward to a few weeks off and a snow holiday.

    To finish off on an insect based note……I spent Christmas 1987 in Oz and recall an insect called the Christmas Beetle that aparently only comes out at Christmas – look out for that one!
    Enjoy the festivities and see you in 2012.
    Cath (formerly Abbott!)

    • December 22, 2011 at 9:18 pm

      Thanks Cath,

      CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding!

      We will look out for the Beelte, by co-incidence is it not like on secluded parts of Dartmoor where there is rare rabbit that is also seen only once a year – from memory it was sometime in very late March or a few days after that! Have a great Christmas and enjoy the snow!


      PS. we never did get to see the Christmas beetle 😦

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