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Mossman and the Crocs

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For our second “event” from Port Douglas we hired a car and headed up into the rainforest and Mossman Gorge. We thought the Amazon was a pretty authentic rainforest, and it is, but we now find out it is a relative newcomer. The Amazon is barely 60 million years old, whilst the pristine rainforest here has been in continued existence for 400 million years! Still, none of the trees are over 3000 years old so it hardly matters.


jungle is massive

oh no. - even the plants are viscious.

plenty to eat for lunch

cute little blue tongued skinks around too

What did matter to us though, was that we forgot the insect repellent – the marsh flies (a sort of horse fly) are vicious, and for most of the walk we performed a strange primeval dance; a cross between walking, hopping, and trying to slap your ankles and neck with each alternate step, occasionally a hip hop style pirouette and a furious waving of the hat to clear the air. It was a bit like twister on the move. As we got up a bit higher, we just washed the flies away with our sweat! Yuk. By about 11am we could survive the heat no longer and headed back to the car for the drive to Hartley Croc farm. The temperature gauge registering 36 deg, a humidity meter (hygrometer?) is unfortunately not fitted as standard.

apparently they go for the smallest first - luckily we have Theo as bait!

crocs are pretty agile when they are not asleep

young crocs on the farm - nearly ready for pie filling and belts

The croc farm was a load of fun; the staff were a real bunch of Aussie comedians, constantly playing practical jokes and spending most of their efforts teasing the poms and the yanks – these convicts eh??? The crocs were pretty impressive too, the saltwater ones being upto 5m long! We were especially looking forward to the “attack show” as one of the guides, Matt, was doing his first ever show. A quick show of hands proved his worst fear that people were there to watch a gladiatorial event with the croc winning! – to his credit he was good, and he got home in one piece.

nearly got him

how these useless creatures survived extinction I will never know.

checking out the pace of life in the koala enclosure

We also saw a snake show where they taught us what to do with a venomous snake bite (“stay as still as possible, do not panic, and bandage the whole limb to create a compress and get someone to carry you to a hospital”.) If the snake get’s you on the torso “jist do ya bist” because you were probably “mackin round with it”.

Another cool day out.

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