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GREAT Barrier Reef

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the main reasons to come to this coast is to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, so we saved our pennies and splashed out on a trip to the Agincourt ribbon reef. There are many tours to choose from, but with youngsters, we opted for a pretty safe family friendly option where a high speed cat takes you out onto a floating pontoon. This is a base for diving, snorkelling, a semi sub and even a helicopter for the rich people.



on the way to the reef

getting ready for the dive

Predictably, we stuck to the good old snorkelling, donned some stinger suits, put floats on the kids and then en-famile headed out onto the reef. It is truly amazing and exactly like all the images you see in the documentaries. There are so many different fish, from schools of iridescent blue fish the size of your fingernail, to large 1m long tuna like fish, giant clams, bright blue starfish and a host of hard and soft corals . Occasionally they get turtles and reef sharks, but on this occasion we were not so lucky/unlucky.

Kai and Jo - self portrait

Theo clinging onto the ropes

shoals of little fish everywhere

more blue fish!

kai in the deep sea: the giant clams with Kai for scale - click to enlarge

chasing the fish across the antler corals

fish went all spiky and irritable when I started chasing him/her

often there were lots of big fish too - some with teeth!

our picture postcard

Kai and Elena - out on the reef

bobbing around like a little cork - oblivious of the massive fish just next to him

Elena - until next time.....

The day went too fast, and before we knew it our 4 hours on the reef were up and we were heading back, unanimously agreeing that it was the best snorkelling experience ever and that one day we would return again.

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  1. Jackie
    December 12, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Hi all – loving the photos and updates Blowing gales and rain here at the moment so wish we were with you!
    Love Dad and Jackie

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