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Port Douglas – Slow, Posh & Hot

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A brief pitstop in Sydney to drop off the passports to try and get an Indian Visa and we were back on the plane to fly north to Cairns, before catching the bus to the sleepy tourist town of Port Douglas. We had been told, but we didn’t listen, that the sea (which is spectacular) is pretty much out of bounds due to “stingers” (Box Jellyfish and others) and the saltwater crocodiles.



the appartments and pool were lovely

On the up side, Jo has managed to check us in to a pretty swanky apartment called “Verandah Boutique”, which is just amazing. Sue the owner is lovely, and if anyone plans to go to the Great Barrier Reef, this is a great place to go from. Mention our name, and you can get a return visitor discount!!!

restaurants and galleries galore - selling paintings at $25,000 each!

Prices on this coast are pretty high, I would guess at between 30 and 50% higher than the UK, so we did not make use of the many restaurants on offer, and saved our pennies for a couple of special days out, the Great Barrier Reef and the crocodile farm – more on that later.

you may get more than you bargained for on a trip to the beach

amazingly they survived

oi - wait for me

Overall this coast is much nicer than people give it credit for, yes it is hot, no you can’t swim in the sea, but apart from that it is pretty idyllic with white sand beaches, palm trees and fresh cane sugar juice to cool you down from plenty of sunshine.

As I said, the main problem remains that nasty creatures still own the place, the crocs and box jellies being the worst culprits. (They even found a crocodile in the “safe” stinger net a week or two ago!). Overall, it was a very relaxed upmarket place to stay, and we were sad to leave the luxury of the place behind.


lovely sugar cane juice - make sure you share





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  1. Bambula Indijana xxx and kiwi Pauli
    December 13, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Glad you have survived…you should have told me about your planned GBR snorkelling trip as my ex-boyfriend is skipper-diver there, taking people diving and snorkelling of his catamaran!

    • December 16, 2011 at 3:01 am

      Never mind, we had a great time anyway. Our trip was a very family friendly trip, most of the other tours were more serious dive boats. Whilst the north Queensland coast itself was nice, it was a bit limited. I suspect one day we will return for a proper dive trip, maybe staying on a boat. The diving was amazing. Hope you are well and house progressing as planned! Are you seeing Paul for Christmas. Send our love.

      Alan. X.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Lubomír Bakoš
    December 17, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Ahoj rodino. Tak jsme Vás zastihli v Austrálii po té co jsem od mámy dostal vebovou adresu.
    Prohlížíme si z úžasem vaši “VELKOU CESTU” a moc Vám fandíme a přejeme ať Vám
    všechno vyjde. A hlavně přejeme tobě Alane , tvoji paní a dětem moc a moc zdraví štěstí
    a spokojenosti ke svátkům vánočním a do nového roku taktéž. Mějte se moc hezky.

    Olina a Luboš , Viktor, Leona a Adam Bakošovi z Přepeř.

    • December 22, 2011 at 11:13 am

      Ahoj, Dkujeme vm za vai zprvu, bylo to opravdu pjemn pekvapen.

      Milujeme cestu, ale chyb namt Vnoce doma, to nen stejn v horku. Jen jet pr tdn v Austrlii ped cestou do Thajska a pak na Vietnam, kter by ml bt trochu jin. Doufme, e mate krsn Vnoce a Nov rok a tme se az vas uvidime v lt. Hodn lsky,

      Alan, Jo, Kai, Elena & Theo.

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