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Waitomo glow worms light up our day

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Do we, don’t we…  We were not sure about seeing the glow worms, after all, we had seen a few in the tunnels around Waihi, but in the end we decided to take the trip – and the glow worms put on an extra special performance.




lovely view to entrance - you would think that being open at boths ends ot would not get too hot! - wrong. In true architectural form over function it won loads of awards!

After a picnic by the river, we headed up to the visitor centre – a lovely structure – but unfortunately, you just know that the architect is getting a really hard time because the ETFE roof holds the heat like a greenhouse and the place is absolutely roasting hot. All the staff are complaining and it has already been open a year! It is one of those that look great in the awards literature, but hell to work in – shame.

the "cathedral" - they even have concerts in here.

The tour starts with the caves (photography is forbidden – naughty Alan), before getting onto the boat for the tour of underground river and  glow worms. The place falls deathly quiet, and the guide pulls us all on a series of ropes in near darkness through the underground river. The glow worms are magical, almost cosmic, with the place giving that goose bump feeling when you see the night sky in a really remote place and stars completely fill your vision. Definitely a place to stop by.

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