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Christchurch – City on the mend

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

We have friends in Christchurch, so as well as a chance to say hello, we also took a trip to the top of the volcano that looks over Christchurch. Passing through the city you can still see the devastation, and actually understand why large parts of the city centre (the whole main block of the central business district) are still closed.



view over city - some towers are leaning

view to other side into the crater

unfortunately, lots of homes are still being demolished

In most cases the masonry buildings are trashed. Remnants still occur, either leaning perilously, or crumbling, whilst in other areas, large gaps in the street frontage show where buildings have already been cleared.

The rubble is being put to good use with a series of land reclamation projects, but as the area is so vast, I think it will be a significant time before the area is cleared and made safe, never mind re-built and vibrant. On a positive note, given the Kiwi attitude, I cannot believe that this lovely city will not be able to regenerate and become a thriving hub in the way that other post-earthquake cities have managed. Speaking to people in supermarket queues, it is clear that they are still reeling and a bit shocked by the whole episode.

lunch spot

Lunch was taken on the rim of the volcano, the view to Christchurch to one side, the view into the sunken caldera on the other. Unfortunately the scenic road was shut at this point with some pretty strict warnings should you decide to wander into unsafe areas: it is fair to say, not everyone agrees with the draconian steps put in place to manage an individual’s health and safety!

some signage is pretty obvious.....

...... at other times a bit more subtle

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