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Shantytown – No patience for a gold panner.

November 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Given the worsening weather, we dropped in on Shanty town, a fake but interesting village that shows the early life of loggers and gold panners. With the Cornish drizzle it gave a pretty good impression of the more unpleasant side of working the natural resources – no thanks.




As well as finally understanding how a gold quartz stamper battery works, we also had a go at gold panning. This was rather god fun, and after about 10 minutes of panning, Kai, Elena and I had each amassed a tiny collection of gold (enough to make about a 6 inch square of gold leaf (each!)) This success prompted me to make a detour via Goldsborough on the old Gold Trail, and head up the river in the pouring rain with a beach spade and the washing up bowl to make my millions. As it was pouring with rain, the others decided to stay behind and do some homework (the rain really must have been horrible) while I panned away for an hour. Not a single spec of gold in sight. With this failure, I realised that the panning in Shantytown was rigged, and it really was not as easy as I hoped. I also realised that gold panners must have had really bad backs – it cripples you!

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