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Pancake (Drop Scone) Rocks

November 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Half way down the west coast, the strange formations known as pancake rocks become the main attraction; by a mixture of good planning and good luck, we arrive an hour before high tide and the sea swell is reasonably impressive. This combination meant we were treated to some pretty spectacular waves and blow holes in amongst the odd flat layered rocks.



in the car park: "when I grow up, all this will be mine!"

sea was lively as we approached the rocks

Rather than layered pancakes, they appear more liked drop scones (Palacinky in Czech), and as such, Drop Scone Rocks would be a better description. We endured about an hour of Theo and Elena trying to commit suicide off the edges before driving to a nearby beach and parking up for some of the best views ever.

click to enlarge

We were joined a few hours later by 3 french guys, who confidently ignored the soft sand sign, drove onto the beach and got stuck! Feeling smug and neighbourly, Jo and I came out with our beach spades, did a bit of digging and pushing and they were free. Having a bit of company in these remote locations is not always a bad thing. It was the next morning, very low on fuel, that we headed down to Greymouth via “Shantytown”.

it was unanimous - this was our favourite camp spot in NZ


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