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Abel Tasman – stands for “sun trap”

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This is the Windemere of the south island, easy to get to, pretty, – and full of tourists. It has a reputation for its accessibility and this draws in the crowds, but once you get there you can see why.





Queen Charlotte Sound - is this the most amazing place to live?

quick lunch with the views

from sea to snow in 2 hours

The beaches were the biggest surprise, with cove after cove of perfect white sand, fringed with ferns (that look like palms) and the clearest turquoise blue water. Whilst on the ferry, we booked ourselves a boat up to the top end of the park, watching seals swimming alongside and jumping out of the water like dolphins, before being dropped off at Bark Bay for a 3 hour walk back to Torrent Bay over the headland. The place is very beautiful, but I can only imagine how busy it must be in summer ā€“ for us it was a perfect genteel introduction to the south island.

seals behaving like dolphins

no mistaking the new national flag

This is where we were dropped off for our walk

walk through lush bush

views into Tasman Bay

rivers are super clear and clean

escaping from the boat

view from the van where we stayed overnight - maybe I could have found a more level parking place!

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