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Wellington – the windy city

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Wellington – What a pretty place. We made our home in Lower Hutt, the original settlement before the first inhabitants thought better of it and moved across the bay to Wellington. ( well actually, not the first inhabitants, the first european ones!).  Wellington surprised us, and our first foray to the top of the hill to the observatory was the start of a very pleasant couple of days.



view from the Botanical Gardens

I was jealous of the rowing, the outdoors is brilliant here - it is just so far away from home!

Much of the older architecture and heritage is well preserved, but intermingled with some really good modern stuff too. After dropping our passports off at the Vietnamese embassy, we met Nicki, a childhood friend of Jo’s from the Isles of Scilly, and explored the excellent city museum .

At the museum we spent the afternoon crawling through a life sized version of a whale’s heart, watching sweat come from our fingers under a microscope, learning more about convective currents in magma, studying a colossal squid and checking out the view from the roof, until it was time for a coffee and our goodbyes. Wellington has a relaxed simplicity that was much to our liking, probably enhanced by the sunshine, and before we knew it our two days were up and we were queuing to get onto the Inter-Islander ferry to the South Island.

30 years of catching up

museum displays were really well done

Nicki with 2 children and one whale heart

quick pose with the "artwork" and it is time to say goodbye

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  1. nick miles
    November 24, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    Hi ALan, Jo, Kai, Elena & Theo. Wow what an adventure you are having, the photos are amazing. Pass all our love onto the kids and we shall look forward to seeing you on your return.

    • November 27, 2011 at 7:25 pm

      Hi Nick,
      Thanks for the message – yes we are loving it, but I would say that the motorhoming is pretty hard work and the NZ weather is not the best – it is a weird half day sun, day cloud, half day storms, hot sun, rain, hot sun, drizzle, etc – the only consistent factor is the wind – and lots of it.
      We are currently in the throes of trying to book Australia accommodation – proving a nightmare. Everywhere is booked up and stupidly expensive. I am sure we will find places, but it is not as easy as we expected. Maybe once we are over there it will be easier, but in NZ the internet access is pretty pathetic, and that is not helpng things.
      One realy bonus though, is that Christmas is pretty low key, so none of that slightly mad pre-Christmas frenzy.

      Hope all is going well in the Miles family, love to all,


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