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Napier – Art Deco City

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We drop into Hastings on the outskirts of Napier to visit Paul and Jana’s parents; the last time we met them was at the end of August in Prague. They are lovely and welcome us with a delicious hearty lunch. We chatted over the wedding, bussing around New Zealand and the famous tractor ride to see the Gannets on Kidnap Point. Before we know it we are booked in on the 4 hour tractor ride through the waves.



Verna and Joe - great hosts - the quiche was amazing!

Taking their advice we head to the local beach where there is free camping, and as the clouds thicken, we bed down for a turbulent and rainy night – that gets wetter, and wetter, and wetter. By morning things have not improved, and by sheer bad luck (this place is renouned for it’s sunshine) the mist comes in with the rain and wind. We can see nothing. A bit despondent we head for the town of Napier to check out the Art Deco architecture and other gems from the 1930’s following a devastating earthquake. As interesting as architecture is, (!!!!) the subtleties of form were slightly lost in the mist and rain, before long we were heading down to the aquarium and took the decision to cancel the 4 hour tractor ride.

Had it been sunny, I think we would have loved Napier but given the weather, we delayed no more, put the foot down and settled into the long drive down to Wellington. If you want to see Napier on a sunny day, see napier tourist board

the cement works does not do Napier credit, but the rain was so heavy we never got the camera out and the sun on the smoke does look "kinda pritty"

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