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Pacific Coast Highway

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Leaving Coromandel behind on the “highway”, we head over towards the Pacific Coast. The star attractions here are Cathedral Cove and Pye Pye Hot Spring Beach. We stayed by the edge of the beach on Huhai, using it as a base to explore Cathedral Cove.

It came as a surprise to us, but Kiwi’s can rival the Brits for their Health and Safety, and the day we decided to visit, the Department for Conservation decided to close Cathedral Cove to allow them to secure some unsafe rocks! What they had failed to do, was to close the bit where the rocks were actually falling. Luckily one bright girl decided to show everyone the dangerous spot by sitting there.

camping by the beach was great

strange grass terraces all over NZ

check the rock fall to the left of the girl - the netting is to the right!

Next stop Pye Pye, the famous hot water beach. So famous that the Germans had got their beach towels there first. No kidding, the place was full of Germans lolling around in their pools. Whilst we were taken back by the numbers of people, the springs coming through the sand were really interesting, the water comes up 200 metres from underground chambers heated by magma, in a number of isolated areas at around 65 degC, hot enough to burn your feet, and when you dig a hole in the sand, you get a warm bath. It even works out in the surf where currents of hot water swirl around.

guess where the hot water springs are

digging our own bath

Whilst gently cooking our feet, I met a nice dutch guy who is also taking 10 months out to travel around the world with 2 young kids. There are a few mad enough to do it. We compare travel notes, give a few tips, do the obligatory blog address swap, say our goodbyes and head on upto the gold town of Waihi in search of some solitude.

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  1. November 15, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Good to see you guys are still living it up. We made it to Buenos Aires and now have a house in Microcentro where we are pursuing our internet business desktopenglish.net.

    Your pictures are inspiring us to get back out of the city and we’re working towards that still. Keep blogging and good luck with everything.

    Steve and Danni
    (from Salta)

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