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Coromandel Peninsula – Pacific Coast

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The route to Coromandel, up the Bay of Thames, is a winding scenic affair, combined with heavy rain and gale force winds, the road by the edge of the water was quite an intense drive. We eventually drove into Coromandel, and after an inquiry at the service station we plumped for the campsite whose owners were described to us as “rough as guts, but they’ll look after ya”; Bev and Debs were actually very nice. We found our pitch in a rainy squall, to be rewarded by a view from our lounge area straight out over the beach to the crashing sea.

view from the back of the van

the beach to ourselves

no really - it is mine

Next day was much calmer and we set off up the hill into the bush, found the 800 year old Kauri tree, (the trunk was 7m in diameter!), and wandered over the headland to Tucks bay for a mini Olympics session before heading back to the van.
Whilst Kai and Elena did some schooling, I went with Theo to find an internet connection, bizarrely, New Zealand has horrendous access to the internet; after south America, where it is freely available, over here they are really funny with it. Firstly, hardly anyone has Wifi available, and secondly if they do, it is slow and they charge for it by the 15 mins – a disgrace! The same goes for 3G connections, the man in the Vodafone shop promised 94% coverage. Clearly he was working with the same statistics that tell golfers that trees are 90% air. We just console ourselves by remembering that one of the main reasons for going to NZ is to appreciate the nature, not the technology.

beach triple jump

We also appreciated our first proper “greasy” – “fosh and chops” takeaway; cod and haddock don’t get a mention on the menu, instead we had snapper and gurnard, and it was amazing. Inspired, we went to the tackle shop, bought a £10 rod, some hooks, weights, bait and optimistically the all important tape measure! Ten minutes later, we were on the rocks casting off. Not really being expert in killing live stuff, I was not that concerned if we waved the rod around and caught nothing, but the reality is, you cannot fail to catch something and within seconds the end of the rod is bending and we are fighting something. Within a few seconds, the spool on the rod is broken and the weedy line is snapped! This in combination with getting the hooks stuck in the rocks means we lose all 6 of our “big snapper” hooks and resort to smaller ones that came with the kit.

serious fishing - complete novices

that's it, no more going to a poxy supermarket - we are now sustainable!

5 minutes later with Elena behind the rod we have a more serious bite, and I take over to haul in our first real fish, a 34cm blue mackerel looking fish. After stabbing it in the brain to stop it wriggling, we cleaned it up, later wrapping it in foil and putting it on the BBQ coals – it was delicious – I feel like growing a beard and donning a souwester!

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  1. katko
    November 16, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Go you souwester donning brain stabber!

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