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Tucuman – Spanish for pants

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Tucuman really is pants. The only saving grace is the half interesting museum of sugar, sort of showing the kids how sugar is made from sugar cane. Apart from that, it was edgy and uncomfortable.





Tucuman High Street

Aside from ourselves, the guy in the picture with the backpack and the German person we had previously met in Salta, we got the impression we were the only tourists that had bothered to visit the place. Definitely not somewhere to bother going to again.

Oh, and it was the place where the Argentines declared Independence in 1810.

And the timeline on the wall was pretty cool too – but really that is it. (what did the Romans Spanish ever do for us!)

the sugar museum's best exhibit

the room where independence was declared

independence relief

all the walking eventually ended in industrial action

The pleasure of leaving was heightened even further by the Cama Suite bus we have for the 11 hours ride down to San Juan, the seats lie completely flat to make beds. This is luxury that simply does not exist in Europe, but I think it is a business venture well worth looking into.

front row beds - pure luxury

they even serve champagne - hence the glazed look!

Declaration of Independence - "Adios Espagnols" - what did you ever do for us!

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  1. fatclive
    November 4, 2011 at 9:10 am

    You’ve been spoilt!

    That wagon looks great and the big wheel pump thing in the background looks fab too.
    Congleton Museum would give anything for an exhibit like that!

    However, that said, the fish agree with you and say Tucuman looks pants.

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