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Cafayete – Home of Torrontes grapes and the best white wine EVER!

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After the car/back breaking drive down, we settled into a hostal called Rusty-K in the small town of Cafayete, an easy going, slightly scruffy laid back kind of place; rough pavements and lots of dogs, but enough trees and people to feel safe and comfortable.




On the recommendation of the family who run the hostal, we wandered a few blocks up when the unthinkable happened – it started to rain! Apparently it never rains here (one person said they get 40mm per year, which we found hard t obelieve given the acres and acres of vinyards), nevertheless, it was obviously pretty unexpected as they tried to haul worn out tarpaulins over leaking rooflights and place buckets under rarely tested roofs.

The number of hours in the car leads to various forms of entertainment.

We ducked into the place we were recommended, did a double take (the place was a few plastic garden chairs lined up on the pavement with a plastic sheet wrapped around some old scaffolding to create a sort of room on the edge of the road. Next to this open air contraption was the reason for it’s reputation – an enourmous and well laiden delicious selction of meats on an enormous BBQ. Saving the need for a superfluous menu, I was hauled in front of the BBQ by the lady of the house and instructed to simply point to the bits of meat that we wanted – a method that ensured not intestines, livers, blood sausages or tripe ever came near us. (A positive success that crossed language barriers and a selection method we wished could have happened on other occasions as we were faced with unexpected culinary delights). As well as avoiding undesirable menu options, it also meant we have the best rib eye stakes in our time here, these were over a foot long, inch thick juice steaks – for about £6 each, and not a vegetable in sight.

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