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Cordoba by night

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We arrived after the 6 hour bus journey surprisingly chipper, for Jo and I it is really nice break from the relentless questions and occasional droning from the children. With our batteries recharged by the bus ride we headed into the centre and were treated to some unexpected hardcore folk. A kind of Morris dancers meet Russian Barynya dance off. This in combination with pan pipes from a blind man in front of some 17th century Jesuit Estanza made for a pretty unique setup.


they had a lot of fun

some lovely architecture

Cordoba at night is pretty special and we have such nice memories of it, that we will probably not return much during the day, just in case we spoil that first impression.

Hiring the car the next day was a completely different story, the car hire company came up with some cock-and-bull story about someone being ill, offices closed, blah blah blah. In the end, we got a car, but it took hours, there were no car seats, so contrary to our attitude to safety (but well in line with local customs) none of the kids had car seats. Driving gingerly into the lions den of taxi’s and buses, we head through the centre of the city in search of an open road.

the traffic lights count down, makes for great racing!

some places we stayed did not have the best view

some of the architecture is pretty interesting

on the bus again

some of the views from the bus were pretty educational

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