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Rosario delta

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When we stayed in Palermo, we met Pablo (he covered the door in the evenings), and some nights Pablo had a few mates around for company. One evening, Ines Schumacer (no relation) came by and we got chatting. (There are very few young children (i.e. none!) travelling so many people strike up conversation which is great. Ines used to work in Rosario and gave us many  good tips, one of which was to call Sebastian and arrange a boat trip through the delta – which we duly did.

the delta: 60 km wide, hundreds of km long

The delta is 60km wide, hundreds of kilometres long and is made up of tens of thousands of small islands and rivulets. The wildlife is right in your face; Iguana’s, supersized Kingfishers, cardinals, storks, turtles and numerous other animals I cannot remember. It is also full of piranhas, which does not seem to bother people, because according to Sebastian, they don’t eat humans! Well, apart from taking a finger off a woman a while ago – and then there was the time a man thought it would be fun to go skinny dipping – (yep, you guessed it, the piranha’s thought it was a little fish!)      So as you can see, they hardly ever go for people!    Swimming anybody – no thanks.

into the delta in one of the many channels

the local hospital - if you are ill, the church may be a better option.

the local wildlife

as well as the wildlife, bulk carriers for soya plied the delta

On the boat, Kai was chuffed because he got to drive whilst the rest of us chilled out and drank mate together. So a big thank you to Pablo, Ines and Sebastian if they get to read the blog – Rosario was great!

Kai was very pleased to be driving

chilling out drinking mate on the Rio Parana

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