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Rosario – More than just the birth place of Che Guevara

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Sitting on the long distance bus, for mile after mind numbing mile of pampa flatness, a sense of nirvana washes over as I reflect on the last few days. Rosario, our recent home, hardly registers in the guide books apart from its possible mention as the birth place of Che Guevara, the place where the Argentine flag was invented and host to one of the longest bridges in the world.



weekend roller blading territory, the flag monument and central Rosario

Because it is not on the tourist trail, it remains very Argentine and in the centre at least, very unspoilt. We were fortunate to stop in the best hostel in town, right on the river front by the modern parkland, with our very own balcony and view of the old customs house. Historically it was a large port and well known for smuggling, now the port is south of the town, the smugglers have moved on. Massive ships from around the world remain to cart the soya and grain from the heart of the agricultural provinces. The next port up the river is the largest bulk and cereal port in the world, it reminds us a bit of Hamburg with nice riverside walks and surreal scale ships floating by.

two nicely behaved children and one terrorist

see the homeless lodgings at the top, rolling over at night has serious risks.

Just as surreal as the ships was the Dali exhibition at the local museum. The works were not the famous ones we are used to, but more eclectic and interesting projects, such as his designs for the medals for the 1984 American Olympics (I never knew he designed Olympic Medals), or a whole set of tarot cards, a full pack of playing cards and other overtly commercial enterprises. The playing cards are particularly cool!

as surreal as the exhibitions, the train tracks just give up

to re-appear when you least expect them

as it was raining, we ducked into the modern art museum


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