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The Wonderful Iguazu Falls

For us, Iguazu exceeds all expectations and defies superlatives. These truly massive falls on the Argentine and Brazilian border are absolutely sensational. With over 3 million litres of water per second, these falls go on and on. The day after we visit, we hear that the Swiss delegation are here to see if Iguazu will be one of the seven natural wonders of the world.



vultures flying over the argentine falls

Argentina has the lion’s share of the falls, and it is here that we started. We were part of a tour, which is actually a pretty good way to go, and after a 20 minute walk through the jungle, learning about the local animals that can kill you, we arrived at the train stop that takes you to the upper end of the falls. A 2km series of bridges take you through the main part of the river, as the guide points out all the remains of previous bridges that have washed away over the falls. These guides have a good sense of humour.

Caymans and turtles lounging in the sun

Even the walk along these bridges brings home the wilderness of the place, caymen’s sun themselves on the banks of islands, whilst turtles rest on the rocks. All around butterflies and amazing tropical birds fly around. Your fist encounter with the falls is seeing the spray rising over the river, then you can hear the roar as you approach, but the moment you see the falls makes your heart race. The immensity of the water cannot be described.

The first views of Devil's Throat: eventually the falls have the desired effect


view back at the falls with our boat underneath

The bulk of the day was spent going ooooh and aaaah and wow at the various falls that we got up close and personal to. We had to decide quite early on whether we were going to take the boat into the falls, (it is pretty pricy) but decided we could not miss it. About five minutes after we got the non-refundable tickets we saw the boats from the top of one of the cliffs. Elena summed it up with “I’ve seen where it goes, and it goes right into a bit of a commotion”. Yep, they certainly did.

the boat entering a bit of a commotion

on the boat, heading towards a proper soaking - signs are funny


Kai overtaken by waves on the rapids from the falls

As you make your way down to the river edge, you are given a big bag for all your stuff, you then fill the bag, and get on this big RIB that takes you up into the waterfalls. Theo was not impressed, but for the rest of us it was a real scream. The river is pretty full, the waves wash over the boat as it goes through the rapids right into the waterfall spray zone. You are instantly completely soaked, struggling to see and thrown all over the place. Occasionally you get a glimpse up the fall as the sun glistens off the water as it comes over the edge towards you, crashing into the river as the next blast of spray temporarily blinds you.

Eventually you come back out into the rapids… to the chants of “more, more more”, before we know it, we turn around and back in we go, then another water fall, then another. Eventually everyone has had their fill and the boat races off down the rapids to the waiting trucks that cart you back through the jungle to the entrance.

Next day we drive over to Brazil to see it from the other side which gives a completely different perspective. The falls are a place that have to be experienced and it is something we are unlikely to ever forget.

posing in front of the Brazilian Falls


the volume of water is unbelievable



  1. Steve Bentley
    October 13, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Alan – forget medieval castles – this is more like it. I look forward to pictures of you bungee jumping! Sounds like you are having a great trip. Not jealous in the slightest.

  2. Jackie
    October 16, 2011 at 7:13 am

    Thank goodness they are used to boats but I don’t think the Lightning will be doing any of this!!! Love to you all Dad and Jackie xx

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