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Revenge of the Tree God

In retribution for the tree that Jo pushed over in Czech, the god of trees has taken retribution! The winds here in Colonia are pretty strong, 45km/h gusting to 60. I was inside when I heard this scraping and banging noise followed by a “Alan – Help”.

I emerged from inside to find a small tree had blown over, fallen on the roof and then fallen onto Jo and her laptop. Luckily, the only injuries were sustained by Jo’s laptop’s “d” key (now all emails will have to avoid using “d”) and the two glasses of wine we were about to get stuck into.

homework on the terrace

tree revenge

Theresa, our nice host, was mortified – but it was all OK in the end.
Given the wind, it was probably not the wisest idea to climb the lighthouse later that day with Kai, nevertheless we did, and for our troubles nearly got blown off the top. All in all, Colonia was a strange frontier land kind of place, relaxing and interesting for a few days.

luvin it on the ramparts


down town colonia during rush hour


sunset looking towards Buenos Aires

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