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Moni Prevelli

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As encounter more and more of the local culture, interspersed with frequent trips to the sea to cool down, we head on upto the famous Prevelli Monastry.Still inhabited by monks and as a working monastery, it offers a glimpse of life as a monk. It is soon clear to me, that I would be a rubbish monk, isolated on the side of a barren hill, dressed all in black (even though it is 35 degC and burning sunshine) no nuns to feast ones eyes on, and to rub the monastic simplicity in even further, have to watch the abbott dressed in resplendent gold 5 times a day.



monks quarters built into the rock - no sign of the nuns


Still, the place does have an interesting history, one more recent event they are particularly proud of is the hiding and subsequent escape of British, and Australian soldiers in WW2 to a remote beachhead called Limares.
On the way to Agia Fotini beach, we picnic next to a lovely couple of Venetian Bridges, this one still with some flowing water, something that is generally missing from rivers at this time of year.




training the monkey to collect coconuts

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