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Bikini clad archeologists

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Today we met up with Katerina, a German fried of Julia’s who has invited us over for some lunch – which was delicious. The town of Armeni that she lives in is also the site of some fairly recently discovered Late Minoan Graves. These are from around 1600BC, and as most of the Minoan remains in Crete are little more than foot high walls and foundations (the exception being the rebuild and arguably slightly fancifully redesigned Knossos) we were not expecting too much.


some of the graves were 5 m deep

But as we arrived 20 minutes before the 3pm closing time, we were amazed to wander through the olive groves to find these deep slots with steps cut into the stone. Over 200 hundred of them, no barriers, sometimes upto 10m deep just there, everywhere!
In amongst the graves we found a couple of bikini clad archaeologists (looked like they had come from the beach with just a tape measure), and struck up a conversation. This kindly answered our questions, educated us for a while before pointing us through the labyrinth to the mother of all graves. This deep cave cut into the solid rock has a little piece of paper weighted down with stones to explain that the cave did have a light on a sensor so we climbed on down and were rewarded with a cool, and almost mystical grave that must have been for a particularly wealthy family.

growing in amongst the parched graves

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