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Discovering the Venetian Bridges

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With the basic idea of the lay of the land, and a 20 year old German map we head off on a longer car trip over into the Amari Valley. The map has a habit of showing roads that are not there, and then missing the blatantly obvious ones that are there, so a gentle drive can be a game of Russian Roulette. (That is not to mention the dicing with death driving that all the Greeks tend to engage in, exemplified with all the roadside shrines).

time for a refreshment before we head up the hills

some things never change

The places are so steeped in history, that it is mindboggling, but eventually it does get under your skin and you realise that everywhere you turn, there are things that in other countries would be national monuments, but here they are just woven into the life. What brough it home, was sitting on a Roman column, that was r]laid on it side to make some steps into a house, surrounded by mosaics that weeded were growing through, the patch of land in front of me being a 4th century basilica, with an 11th century church built on top of half of the basilica. And this was just a typical little Cretan village. The old boy from the cafenois came and opened up the church, so we admired the frescoes and put a few Euro’s in the coffers to help them repair the roof.

drying figs, the old church and the remains pof the big fire

By pure chance, we stumbled upon a beautiful Venetian bridge (The Venetians occupied Crete between the 12th and 16th Centuries before the Turks invaded.) We wind out way up and down the valley side though innumerable hairpins, stop by another lovely bridge (this time without edges, so the kids take 4m long bamboos and to their parents delight(!) practice tight rope walking over the bridge. I wonder if the travel insurance policy classes this as a dangerous activity?)
By now we have been driving many hours in the searing heat, so we hit the main road and retreat back to Spili for a few Mythos (Hellenic Beer) on the terrace, waiting for the sun to set over the white mountains.

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  1. fatclive
    September 25, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Poor Jo, all the travelling seems to be taking its toll, when did she take up using a walking stick?

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