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Timbaki Market

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every Saturday, the market hits Timbaki, a town about 40 minutes drive away. In the dusty chaos you are greeted with mounds of local honey, fruit and veg, street corner souvlaki (kebabs), snails, and lots and lots of shoes! Compared to all the other prices over in Crete, it is a bargain. (it is really, really expensive here, petrol: €1.87, yoghurt & honey: €4.50, coffee: €2.50. It is no wonder that all the taverna’s are empty. Tourists are coming, but nobody is spending.



It's hot and noisy, and they love their shoes for a Euro

I am amazed that they don’t ditch the Euro, devalue the drachma and make it cheap to come here. Given that their only real income is tourism and some agricultural exports, they desperately need people to spend money here to get them out of the mess. It would take 10 years to recover, but at least it would be on a stable footing. Maybe Argentina should be a case study for the local politicians.

Market is nice though. Kids are finally getting used to having their hair tousled and cheeks pinched, Theo even gives people an occasional “yassas” or “hello”.


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