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Crash Bang Wallop – Arrived!

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A massive Jet-2 plane full of Scousers arrived in Heraklion at 10.00pm after a terrible landing to rounds of applause. (Why do people applaud bad landings? I wonder what happens in the event of a crash, all round hugs and handshaking?). Bags reclaimed successfully and then out, expecting to be greeted by Jo, but actually just lines and lines of taxi touts. After a little text exchange we ascertained that there were TWO arrivals doors. Very useful – very Greek.

The two hour drive to Spili (where Jo’s mum has a house) was without incident, and as we drove up into the mountains in the night the stars came out and it looked amazing. We drove higher and higher until we turned off down a little goat track, Jo parked up and with a “we are here” nonchalantly got out. I hung onto my bag in the passenger seat not sure whether she was joking. It turned out there was no parking by the house, so they park on a nearby hill and walk down to the village.

View from the car as we arrive in the middle of the night

The kids were asleep by the time we arrived, but their poster was much appreciated and we settled to the warm roof terrace to drink the local Cretan wine out of a PET bottle.


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