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THE Royal Wedding

My cousin Jana was getting married to Paul, a great guy from New Zealand. The wedding has been a while in the planning and took in some of the more beautiful parts of Prague. Without writing too much, the wedding was a lovely event and went off without a hitch, the occasionally inclement weather did not dampen anyones spirits and a great evening of festivities ensued.


Jana and Paul, me back in a suit and later that night!

just another one of the traditions

A tradition (this is the second time it has happened so it is now officially a tradition!) is to meet the following day on Kampa Island, thus continuing the general merriment, and having the chance to finish all the leftover food. As sometimes happens, belly dancing took over, and any tourist passing must have had a bit of a surprise as a big bunch of Czech/Kiwi revellers unwound in the sun.


no, it's not odd - it's perfectly normal


It was also the date for the kids and Jo to fly to Crete to meet up with Jo’s mum. The flights were picked to perfection, arriving at 7pm, to allow time to find the car hire place (a cheap affair that was not going to be conveniently located in the terminal alongside Hertz etc.) and drive the 2 hours or so to Spilli. Unfortunately there was a 4 hour delay, resulting in picking up the car closer to midnight and then Jo having to drive the horrendous roads over the mountains in the middle of the night. The children have become pretty good travellers, but it was still a bit of a nightmare that was made a LOT easier with Jo’s mum coming to the airport to meet them.

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  1. katko
    September 13, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Hello. Thought I would post a little note. I like the pictures, they are great. Just noticed that on your tags, the word raining features quite prominently. I presume that will get smaller now that you are in Crete. How is it?


    • September 14, 2011 at 8:00 am

      Maybe now we are in Crete the tag “hot” will start appearing, or maybe “HOT”. Or maybe “CRIKEY THIS IS MIGHTY BOILING!”. Having a lovely time, just writing up a few events from the past few days.
      Cheers, Al.x.

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