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The rock mazes of “Kalich”

As we ventured into the few areas that were as yet unexplored through the summer, we sent the day exploring the cave mazes called “Kalich”, translated as goblet. These caves offered the 14th century puritans their safe hiding places, and as you explore you can find the altar cut into the rock of the “chapel”. In relative safety everyone can disappear in different direction, squeeze through narrow canyons and explore dark tunnels and caves.



exploring the maze is great fun


After a couple of hours of squeals of joy as the kids “find” each other, we continue along the marked route towards the lookouts. These tall stone pillars again offer numerous heart stopping moments (the second really major fright of the summer happened here as Elena lost her footing and nearly fell 50 feet off a cliff under an inadequate fence, only stopped by Jo’s pre-emptive sixth sense.
All this excitement needed copious amounts of ice-cream.

a return to the treacherous heights - this is where Elena nearly tried skydiving

just having fun

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