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Prague Now and Then

We headed back to Prague to get a change of scene, there are only so many times one can wonder at woods and rocks before asking oneself, what else is out there? We explored a few previously untried routes (including a great “green” route from the flat, through various tree lined avenues, past the 14th century castle walls, via a cool play ground and back up the old castle of Vysehrad) and without overdoing the culture we got into the groove.


This was usually lubricated with beer/icecream (age dependant) at frequent intervals, with highlights including the parks and great exhibitions. Later in the holiday we would return to Children’s Island and find a municipal boat service we never knew about. On the standard tram card it ferries people for nothing between the various islands in the river terminating just outside our favourite Cafe Slavia.

"you can forget it, this green bag is mine!!!"

The other highlight worth a mention was the exhibition of photographs from 1968 to 1989, covering much of my childhood and providing reminders of all the things that are gently being erased from everyday culture. The Spartakiada was from 1980, the year I was there, and as hard as we could try, we could not pick me out of the crowd. Probably not a surprise, as the stadium has the highest capacity of ANY stadium in the world at over quarter of a million spectators!!!!

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