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Steam train theatre

Whilst picking my mum up from the train station, I noticed a small advert for the “First Steam Train Theatre through the Bohemian Paradise”. With very little more information to go on, we turned up the following Saturday at 9.00am and duly waited with about 50 people on the empty platform.

We were rewarded when the distant whistle turned into a ball of black smoke, and the little engine emerged with historic carriages in tow. We found ourselves a bench next to the “German Soldier with a machine gun and beer” and settled in as the clickety clack clickety clack soothed us into a gentle state of wellbeing. (They soldiers were there for a re-enactment of Ostre Sledovane Vlake, Closely Observed Trains, a famous film in Czechoslovakia)

The train arrived at Rovensko under Trosky after a very pretty ride through the valleys, and the cattle truck door opened ominously to create a small children’s theatre. The steaming spluttering hot train needed a few repairs, and whilst the drivers took big wrenches to the front pistons amongst clouds of steam the children took the opportunity to get up close and personal.

Again with all due regard for health and safety, we put Theo on the hot train next to the boiler, with the fine mist of hot oil spraying from the pump, only to be cleaned in clouds of steam. He managed a little wave before we retreated in more clouds of steam and ash. Oh what it must have been like in the good ol’ days.


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