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Kozakov – the hunt for stones and views

Inspired by our garnet collecting, we had heard that Kozakov Hill was the place for semi-precious stones. A trip was planned that took in the streams where semi-precious stones can be found, together with a hike to the tallest lookout tower in the area. This linked in with a return leg to the bikes (that had been dropped off in another valley) before a return to the van.

The day started with another fine example of Czech Health and Safety at work. The rock museum is situated at the foot of Kozakov Hill, and is the ideal starting point for exploring the quarry.

The quarry tour consists of giving everyone a hammer (even a 2 year old) and pointing in the direction of a massive cliff with a hole in the ground, completely unprotected with a small sign saying beware of falling rocks – no kidding. We knew we were near when we heard the sound of hundreds of hammers banging away at bits of rock and as we turned the corner, we were gob smacked to see the quarry crawling with adults and children just feet away from certain death!

When in Rome… so the kids were duly sent into the quarry…. five minutes later Elena is covered in blood from her fingers that she has cut on some freshly knapped stone, a few shakes of her hand ensures that anyone within 5 metres is covered in freshly pumped warm blood. A quick wipe, and she was back at the stone face smashing rocks and searching for gold or something. We did eventually come away with a few interesting crystals and the throbbing finger was soon forgotten.

A brisk steep hike followed and we were rewarded with a fantastic panorama of the Bohemian Paradise from Trosky on the left (twin volcanic outcrops) to our house on the right (near the avenue of trees).

click to enlarge

A walk down the other side treated us to an abundance of wild flower meadows followed by wild blueberries, strawberrys, raspberries and mushrooms in the forests below.

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