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Adam’s bed – the setting for ANTWORLD

As part of the kids literacy work, they are embarking on an imaginary story. As any teacher will know better than we do, there is more to writing a story than writing a story. The setting, atmosphere, character need full consideration, usually a couple of days of acting and play imagination will be required before any paper is issued. This is followed by a couple more days of drawing and photographing and further imagination.

With a few more days of general debate, the story is prepared…. and it’s no “Once upon a time” these days. With these pressures bearing down on us we felt like a couple of old dinosaurs when we embarked on a day trip into the mountains to imagine some settings, scene and characters.

Yes it was a struggle!

As we clambered through our first rock crevasse, barely 2 feet wide into an area called “Adam’s Bed” the scenes were set. The rest of the day the story grew, the main protagonist (an ant named George) developed into a reporter dude, and Adam the fat lazy youth, became the saviour of Ant World in return for polished Garnet. So that was pretty easy – getting the kids to actually bother to write the damn story took another 2 weeks!!!!
The rest of our day trip involved a bit of hiking, watching a wasp sting and bury a beetle twice its size, climb up anything that looked like a rock and generally marvel at the beauty of the landscape.

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