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Midnight Jacuzzi

We went for the weekend to Zlenice to visit my Aunt and Uncle (the same Helena and Jozka that were gigging a couple of weeks ago.) Before we knew it, we were being treated to a midnight Jacuzzi on the terrace, under the stars with a glass of champagne. A most relaxing start to a busy weekend of cycling and canoeing on the nearby Sazava.

Apparently twenty minutes is enough, two hours later, three lobsters emerged.

The following day, the canoe was duly taken out, kids fitted with “life vests” and with some nerve racking wobbling we made it relatively safely up the calm flat river to the weir for a rendezvous by the pub. In time honoured fashion, beer and sustenance followed. This time a delicacy of fried dough in a rough pizza shape, with raw garlic, melted cheese and ketchup on top. We christened it the “Pizza Coronary.”
It was time to burn the beer off with some exercise, what better way than to try to get up the weir through the sluice the wrong way on a canoe. I nearly made it, so with good logic, Jozka and I paired up to face the challenge. After one aborted run that ended on the rocks, we pointed the good ship into the eye of the sluice, paddled like fury, rocked once, span round and capsized – to much cheering and laughing from a pub full of locals who had been watching for the last half hour.
We dragged the canoe round to the top of the weir and baled it out before we prepared to take the kids down over the sluice as promised earlier that morning. And kids never let you forget these types of promises! Kids were very excited as they donned life jackets, boarded the canoe, parents and family watched anxiously to dive in at a moment’s notice, but we all made our way over the sluice, the right way this time, and paddled back to the chalet.

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