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Sobering up

After a gathering of the village to celebrate the burning of Jan Hus, I was a little worse for wear and was sent out during the kid’s bath-bed routine to go and sober up. So I took the camera and walked to the next village where there is a weir that we sometimes swim under.

This time as the sun had just set I left the camera on a bit longer and got this interesting slow motion mix of old church and crumbling industrial communist factory.

Only a couple of weeks later we had three days of solid heavy rain, the river flooded and the weir turned into a muddy boiling torrent. The worst part of it was that our local pub had to be moved, luckily they had the foresight to convert a bus into a pub, operating on similar lines to the idea of a mobile library. Over here drinking is a serious form of education as proven by the T-shirt we saw “I’m a Czech not a Cactus – I need to drink!” Three days later and the educational establishment returned. PHEW.

Water levels rose nearly 2 metres over 2 days!

View across the weir, normally a slow rocky river

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