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Hunting for Gems

This weekend they are celebrating the local expertise of gem stone cutting and polishing, something that has made the area famous since semi precious stones were found here in abundance in the 15th Century. The Venetians were invited to train the locals, and it became the main industry for many years. Until only 7 years ago they taught gem polishing at the local college.

At our local museum, they brought in sand and gravel from a local stream and people could then sift through it for garnets. These were surprisingly abundant and within a relatively short while, the kids both had a little bag of 40 or so semi-precious stones. Inside they were doing demonstrations, and because it was a bit late in the day and it was quiet, one nice man offered to take Kai and Elena’s new found gems and cut and polish them. The little finished stones look fabulous.

The weather may not have been brilliant, but it is amazing how long kids will search a big bag of sand to find semi-precious stones.

cutting and polishing the gems for nearly and hour, the very kind man made two children very happy.

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