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Seaton in Devon

The last 6 days were hell. Some days from 4am until midnight, we NEVER realised how much was involved in getting ready to travel whilst getting the house in some order. The poor van had it tough, in the end the packing just failed us and we added tons of non-essentials, to the point where the van was on the stops and the tyres were grinding on the wheelarches around the corners. (on arrival, we realised that the edges of the tyres are now sliced into the rubber.)

The mini heatwave is very welcome and we spent hour first day on the beach. A real Mad Dogs and Englishmen moment as we all get sunburn pottering around the pools at low tide from noon onwards. So many crabs. And lug worms, weaver fish and even an eel made it into our little plastic buckets.

Speaking to a local welder/mycologist, we found loads on interesting little known facts. For example, there is apparently only one man in England who has the licence to take pebbles off the beach, and is started in Seaton/Axmounth when permission was granted to grind the local stones into toothpasted and grinding paste. Is it any surprise that people did not have great teeth. And his great gran ran the tea shop on the landslip where Jo’s great gran had her 21st Birthday in 1932.

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  1. fatclive
    July 1, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    The fish were upset to see that you’d been to the seaside without them…..

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