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The Big Pack

Who would have thought that packing up to go would have been so difficult. With a full gantt chart on the wall with a count down to departure, we keep reminding ourselves of what is left to do. So far we have:

Sold the car – been immunised repeatedly – bought new shoes, light clothes, hats, etc – repainted the house (inside and out) –found people to live in the house –  applied for hundreds of credit cards (Halifax Clarity is great for travelling, it has no exchange rate charges and we have collected over 30,000 airmiles on the BA card!) – downloaded all our music to mp3 – scanned all the schoolwork for the year – told the school that kids are leaving, cancelled the kids clubs – and millions of other things.

There is a strange satisfaction, the feeling of cutting free from all the things that tie you down, slowly releasing ourselves from all the pressures of being a grown up.

We have also had a dummy run of the packing. We have decided, that we are going to attempt to travel light. This means that Kai and Elena take their school stuff and toys, Jo carries Theo in the carrier and I take all the stuff for 5 of us in one backpack. Contrary to what you may be thinking, we are pleased to report “it all fits!”

But disappointingly, the list to do still remains unmanageably massive

With only 5 days before we head off to Devon it is all getting a bit tight, and Jo and I are getting a bit twitchy. My nails are chewed right off, and the poor kids are getting short shrift. Still, soon we will have to stop being control freaks and relax into a new pace of life.

To keep some sanity I have just read the recently released Moonwalking with Einstein, a book all about memory techniques – and they work (if you try hard enough). I would recommend it to anybody, but maybe stop short of practising the techniques yourselves. You may become a nerd.

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  1. ramgoose
    June 7, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Al, Wildgoose is signed up as a word press blogger to enable me to send you sarky and annying comments.

    Cant believe youve packed 2A n 3C into one rucksak,must be one hell of a rucksack! You will return stooped like ‘cosi modo’

  2. June 12, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Thanks Joel. My first nice comment, a little tear came to my eye. I am trying to keep on top of the blogs so all comments welcome.

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